• Clownfish / Black / Silver
    Item Code: J1GC170313
    Colour Code: B013
  • White / Strong Blue / Cyber Yellow
    Item Code: J1GC170329
    Colour Code: B002
  • Chinese Red / Silver / Black
    Item Code: J1GC170303
    Colour Code: B004
  • Safety Yellow / Atomic Blue / Blue Depths
    Item Code: J1GC170323
    Colour Code: B006
  • Nautical Blue / White / Dress Blues
    Item Code: J1GC170304
    Colour Code: B007
  • Blue Depths / White / Fiery Coral
    Item Code: J1GC170302
    Colour Code: B010
  • Black / Black / White
    Item Code: J1GC170312
    Colour Code: B012
  • Dress Blues / White / Hazel
    Item Code: J1GC170801
    Colour Code: B001
  • Nautical Blue / White / Biking Red
    Item Code: J1GC170802
    Colour Code: B002
  • White / Norse Blue / Solar Power
    Item Code: J1GD170328
    Colour Code: B021
  • Liberty / Black / Electric
    Item Code: J1GD170309
    Colour Code: B024
  • Turquoise / Black / Fuchsia Red
    Item Code: J1GD170310
    Colour Code: B025
  • Diva Pink / Silver / Passion Flower
    Item Code: J1GD170304
    Colour Code: B026
  • Atomic Blue / White / Diva Pink
    Item Code: J1GD170301
    Colour Code: B027
  • High-Rise / Turquoise / Liberty
    Item Code: J1GD170331
    Colour Code: B030
  • Lollipop / White / Clownfish
    Item Code: J1GD170315
    Colour Code: B031
  • Dress Blues / White / Hazel
    Item Code: J1GD170801
    Colour Code: B001
  • Nautical Blue / White / Biking Red
    Item Code: J1GD170802
    Colour Code: B002



Engineered for your fastest run yet. Even on long runs, supreme comfort meets lightweight performance in the Mizuno epic run icon. In celebration of the culmination of improvements, some big and some small, in material, design and technology, Mizuno’s restless pursuit of perfection is obvious. There remains some semblance from the original design but ultimately the Wave Rider has improved year on year and continues to impress even the purest of runners. Part of the research and developmental process for the Wave Rider was critically listening to feedback. The most significant example is a consumer study known as Kansei Engineering, which is a Japanese product philosophy that simulates the buying experience for runners. The ultimate result of this was finding out exactly what athletes were looking for when purchasing their next running shoe. The ability to embrace innovation and also adapt to feedback is what has made Mizuno’s Wave Rider 20 the success that it is today.

Neutral runners. Runners who like a faster paced shoe.

The combination of the midsole compounds U4icX and U4ic deliver the most cushioned, light and fast feel on the market. Thanks to the SmoothRide construction you will experience a unique easy going shoe. The engineered mesh combined with the DynamotionFit construction provide a superb fit.

• Cloud Wave delivers more cushioned & responsive ride
• U4icX heel wedge for added comfort upon landing
• Light and breathable engineered mesh to ensure durability and snug fit
• Blown rubber in forefoot for improved softness
• New U4icX strobel lasting board for more comfort and cushioning underfoot

Weight: 290g (On Mens' UK size 8)
Weight: 260g (On Womens' UK size 5.5)

Men's size range: 6-12, 13, 14, 15 (UK Sizing)
Women's size range: 3-10 (UK Sizing)


  • Mizuno Wave
    Unique technology that provides both cushioning and stability and can be engineered for all types of runners.
  • cloudwave
    The new cloudwave convex geometry provides a softer, smoother ride with more cushion on initial heel impact & better guidance in the transition from heel to forefoot.
  • U4ic
    A unique midsole compound that rides and cushions like Mizuno’s AP+ midsole, but is approximately 30% lighter without any loss of comfort or performance.
  • U4icX
    Light evolutionary midsole delivers a more comfortable cushioned ride with higher rebound, thus fulfilling the most comfortable energized ride.
  • SmoothRide
    Engineering approach to minimise the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible.
  • DynamotionFit
    Using the latest motion capture and biomechanics technology, Mizuno's blueprint was designed to engineer shoes that work with the foot's gait cycle.
  • X10
    The most durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and supplements traction at heel strike.
  • Mizuno Intercool
    Full-length midsole ventilation system reduces heat and humidity build-up inside the footwear.
  • AIRmesh
    Provides the utmost in breathability and comfort of the upper.
  • Premium Insock
    High-grade removable insock for premium comfort, cushioning and durability.