1. What is the Mizuno Ekiden?

Mizuno Ekiden is the first full-fledged Ekiden relay race in Singapore. It will feature teams of four runners competing in a relay race over the same race course – 42.195km and 21.1km for the Open Category, along with the Corporate Category's 21.1km before finishing at a Japanese themed race village.

2. How does the Ekiden work?

The first runner of the team will start the race, wearing a sash. At the transitional point, the second runner of the same team will receive the sash from the first runner; this relay will continue until the fourth (last) runner of the team finishes the race.

Each runner will complete the same distance and will total up to 42.195km / 21.1km for the Open Category and 21.1km for the Corporate Category.

3. Do all four runners of the Ekiden assemble at the same location?

All four runners in each team must assemble at the designated reporting locations at the stipulated time. The first runner of each team will report at the start point, while the remaining second, third, and fourth runners of each team will report at the transitional station where applicable. Please take note that any team with latecomers will be disqualified on the spot.

4. How is the winning team determined, and will all four runners receive the finisher’s medal & certificate each?

Runners in the Open category will flag off first followed by the Corporate categories.

At the transitional point, the second runner of the same team will receive a sash from the first runner; this relay will continue until the last (fourth) runner of the team finishes the race. Each runner will only be allowed to run a single leg of the race and no pacing will be allowed for this race.

The team whose fourth runner crosses the finish line with the relay sash first, will be declared the winner, unless technical disputes arise.

Each runner who completes the race within the cut- off timing will receive a finisher’s medal and finisher’s e-certificate.

Only the fourth runner of each team will be allowed to collect the finisher’s medals on behalf of his / her team, upon presentation of his / her race bib.

5. If my friends and I take part in the Ekiden, but he / she is not feeling well on race day - can we run the extra distance to cover for him / her, or replace him / her with another runner?

No. Each team must consist four registered runners, each taking part in the respective leg.

All teams are not allowed to substitute any team members or have any member of the team run more than a leg of the race. Any violation of the above mentioned restrictions by any teams will result in an immediate disqualification.

In the interest of the runners’ safety, the organiser strictly prohibits and strongly discourages the sale, exchange, and/or transfer of race entries, since each race bib contains the registered runner’s medical information and emergency contacts, which is important for medical teams to provide immediate medical assistance should an accident occur.

6. After registering all members in my team for an Ekiden category, can I add another member, remove a member or change one of the members in my team on a later date?

No. Race registrations are strictly non-transferable.

7. Can any runner(s) cover more than a leg of the race?

No team is allowed to have any of its runner(s) to run more than a leg of the race. Violation(s) will result in an immediate disqualification of the whole team.


1. When is Mizuno Ekiden held?

Mizuno Ekiden will be held on 19 August 2017, Saturday, 4pm onwards.

2. Where is Mizuno Ekiden held?

The Promontory @ Marina Bay (11 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018940).
Nearest MRT Station is Raffles Place NS26 / EW14, Exit I.

3. How many categories are there?

There will be 3 categories:

  1. - 42.195km Open Category
  2. - 21.1km Open Category
  3. - 21.1km Corporate Category

Find out more here.

4. What is the flag-off time?

Flag off time is at 4.30pm for the 42.195km open category and 21.1km open and corporate categories.

5. What are the runner’s entitlements?

Find out more here.

6. What are the race pack collection details?

To be announced.

7. What are the prizes?

To be announced.

8. How do I register as a group?

- Team captains are to register online by selecting the “Create a Team” option and make payment on behalf of all four team members.

- Upon completion of registration, the team captain will receive a unique registration code / Liv3ly code via the confirmation email.

- Team captains will pass on this code to the rest of the team members for them to complete the registration.

- Team members can then proceed to register online by selecting the “Join a Team” option.

- Please write in to info@mizunoekiden.sg if you are registering for more than 5 corporate teams.

9. Will I get a finisher’s medal upon completion of the race?

Yes, all runners who have completed the race within the respective cut-off timings will receive a unique finisher’s medal at the finishing line.

10. Is there a cut-off time for the 42.195km & 21.1km routes?

Yes. The cut-off time for 42.195km is 6 hours while the cut-off time for 21.1km is 3 hours. Runners running after the cut-off times are required to follow traffic rules and run on pedestrian footpaths adjacent to the run route.

11. Will there be an official photographer?

Yes. Photos will be uploaded on both website and our Facebook page after the event.

12. Can I skate or cycle during the run?

No. For the safety of all runners, skating or cycling is prohibited.

13. Can I bring along my pets?

No. Runners are not allowed to bring their pets along for the run.

14. Where can I leave my belongings?

Baggage deposit services will be provided at the race site. However, runners are advised to pack light on race day and to refrain from bringing valuables to the event.

15. Will there be markers along the routes?

Yes, there will be distance markers along the race route.

16. What if I am injured during the run or unable to finish the run?

Runners can approach any of our route marshals or first aid personnel en-route to seek assistance.

17. Where are the hydration points?

Refer to our race route for hydration points.

18. Where are the first aid stations?

Refer to our race route for first aid stations.

19. Am I eligible for the corporate category?

Corporate category is available only to employees of the same company. Registrant(s) may be required to submit their proof of employment upon request.

20. Is there discount for corporate group registration?

For corporate group registration, please write in here.

21. What if I'm unable to personally collect my race pack?

For runners who are unable to personally collect their Race Pack, please download the Letter of Authorisation. Your representative must present a complete and signed Letter of Authorisation, a copy of your confirmation slip and a photocopy of your Identity Card (e.g., NRIC) or passport in order to pick up your Race Pack.

If you are a minor registrant (anyone below the age of 18), your representative must also submit your valid signed Indemnity Form.


1. What are the registration fees?

Find out more here.

2. Age

The runner's age must be between 16 to 70 years old (born between 1947 to year 2001). For interested parties who are 71 years and above, please write in to info@mizunoekiden.sg for assistance.

3. What is the mode of registration and payment?

Please register online here. Only credit card payment is accepted.

4. Is GST included in the registration fee?

Yes. The 7% GST is already included.

5. When is the closing date for registration?

Registration closes on 30 July, 2359 hrs.

Walk-in registration is available at the race pack collection at Velocity@Novena, Main Atrium (238 Thomson Road, Singapore 307683). However, there will not be personalized race bibs for walk-in registrants.

6. How do I know if my entry has been accepted?

A confirmation slip will be sent to your registered email upon successful registration and payment.

7. Do I get a refund if I (or my team member(s)) choose not to participate after registration?

No. Completed registrations are non-refundable for all team captains who have made the payment in representation of the other remaining team members.

8. Can I make changes to my personal particulars after submitting my registration?

Yes. Registrants may send an email to info@mizunoekiden.sg or log in to runners’ login here to make change(s). No amendments will be allowed after 30 July 2017, 2359 hrs.

9. May I request to change the size of my Mizuno Ekiden event tee after the submission and confirmation of my registration details?

For changing of apparel sizes, registrants may either email to info@mizunoekiden.sg or login to runner’s login to make change(s) here.
Please refer to the size chart here.
Sizes are subjected to availability. No amendments will be allowed after 30 July 2017 at 2359 hrs.

10. What should I do if I did not receive my confirmation slip after registration and payment?

You may retrieve your confirmation slip here.

11. How to be eligible for the Loyal Runner's Rate?

All participants of Mizuno Ekiden Run 2016 will be eligible for the Loyal Runner's rate.
To enjoy the Loyal Runner's rate for your group members, the team leader must be a runner of Mizuno Ekiden Run 2016.
To register your team, please enter your NRIC into the LIV3LY code field in the registration portal to enjoy the Loyal Runner's rate.

12. Must all team members be participants of Mizuno Ekiden Run 2016 to enjoy Loyal Runner's rates?

No. Only the team leader must be a participant of Mizuno Ekiden Run 2016.
To register your team, please enter your NRIC into the LIV3LY code field in the registration portal. Loyal Runner's rates will be extended to the rest of the team members.

13. I am short of teammates to form a team of 4, can I get help?

Please write to us at info@mizunoekiden.sg and we'll help pair you up with fellow runners.