Look out for the following Japanese food stalls at the Matsuri (祭り) Festival race village! From ramen to sushi, and everything else such as Taiyaki and Onigiri in between, fight the cravings while you can. Best of all – the village is open to public too, so expect a fun time of great Japanese cuisine with your friends and family!


To bring greater convenience to our runners, Mizuno Ekiden pleased to announce that we are partnering EZ-Link for our popular Matsuri Village! Now you can simply bring your EZ-Link card to tap and pay at any of the Food & Beverage stalls, eliminating the need to carry your wallet and coupons to the race. 

Cash or food coupons will NOT be accepted at the 2017 village, so remember to top up your EZ-Link card before you head down to the race. 

Top-up booths will be available on race day, however, to avoid waiting times, we recommend that runners and those visiting the Matsuri village top up your cards before you reach The Promontory. 

Mizuno Ekiden EZ-Link cards will be sold on race day as well.