Craftsmanship Meets Performance

Mizuno has always been about light weight, flexibility, and barefoot feel. Our designers continually improve and review materials and the production process, continually striving to create a more perfect product each day. All for an even lighter boot and even better boot. To give you the power to perform.


football philosophy kangaroo leather

The Genuine Leather Brand

Mizuno boots (Made in Japan) are produced by skilled Mizuno artisans dedicated to carefully handcrafting the boot one by one. The meticulous production process begins with kangaroo leather selection, followed by careful cutting, sewing, lasting and finishing touches. Mizuno football boots - made from the finest leather, combined with Japanese craftsmanship at its best.





football philosophy kangaroo leather

Why Kangaroo Leather?

Mizuno has been adamant in using kangaroo leather from the day one. Why is that? When talking of thinness and pliability, calf leather could also be used, however, it lacks strength. Kangaroo leather is pliant and thin and sufficiently strong. All of these qualities are indispensable features in achieving the lightweight, flexible, barefoot feel concept.

Another major feature of kangaroo leather is that it is flexible and stretches well, making boots easy to use in a game even when wearing them for the first time. They also gradually conform to the shape of the player’s foot so they feel like they are custom made. When talking about lightness alone, synthetic leather is lighter, however, the barefoot feel, which is the true mark of the Morelia, can only be obtained with kangaroo leather.




football philosophy kangaroo leather

Athletes First

Mizuno's concepts of light weight, flexibility, and barefoot feel revolves around the question, “is this truly for athletes?” When it comes to details of materials and construction, our designers always ask themselves this question.

Take, for example, the design. The toe area of the boots is thicker than in other modern soccer boots. When performing ball pulling techniques, the toes bend inward, however, the boot provides enough leeway to allow for this. There is an infinite variety of players’ feet when it comes to the width and height of an instep, toe length, and other factors. The Mizuno boots is designed to fit the foot of each individual player. The lace holes are designed in a zig-zag pattern so that players can adjust lace tightness to match the shape of their feet for a perfect fit every time.

Although beautiful colours and looks are also important, the true focus is a shoe that soccer players will love and use. The most vital aspect of the design is a functional beauty that never fades.




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