• wave daichi 3
  • wave daichi 3

About Wave Daichi 3

Now you can go anywhere with the incredible Michelin rubber outsole – designed for multi directional traction and maximum adaptivity.The XtaRide, dynamic cushioning and parallel concave Wave allow the shoe to adapt to any surface and work in perfect harmony with the body. The new reinforced toe and heel cap give you increased protection. Go anywhere.

A lighter more dynamic shoe for the trail runner who likes a little more feel for the terrain. 

• Optimum trail security and performance guaranteed via the specifically engineered Xta Ride and concave Wave
• Michelin outsole delivers great traction and grip on all surfaces
• Midfoot X groove allows foot to flex and grip terrain while absorbing forces from uneven ground
• Strong mesh for enhanced upper support without losing dynamic feel
• All-round trail shoe for use in all conditions



  • wave daichi 3 wave plate
    By combining a concave wave with an x-groove at the midfoot area, a stable trail shoe that adapts to the surroundings has been achieved. The flexible sole works in harmony with the body, making uneven terrain no match.
  • wave daichi 3 michelin
    The outsole has been designed to provide grip and stability in all different terrains that trail runners may experience. Various types of surfaces are easily penetrated by the multi-angled small sculptures, providing constant traction. The two-step base reinforcement construction of the sculptures adds stability and durability.
  • wave daichi 3 gusset
    Apart from the comfortable and secure fit, the new upper has been equipped with additional protection for coping with the tough conditions one might face both on and off the trail.The gusseted tongue helps to keep the upper free of small stones and other debris.



  • wave daichi 3 Black / Formula One / Flash J1GJ187159
    Black / Formula One / Flash
    Item Code: J1GJ187159


  • wave daichi 3  Dark Shadow / Athena / Dapple Gray  J1GK187135
    Dark Shadow / Athena / Dapple Gray
    Item Code: J1GK187135