wave mujin 4

About Wave Mujin 4

Maintaining the comfortable ride through the Michelin sole and Gore-Tex upper, the fan-shaped wave tops off a wonderful combination whether it be on a rocky hard mountain, wet surface, or the muddiest of mud pools. 

Suitable for runners looking for a well-cushioned racing shoe or a more minimal training shoe.

• Sole tooling with support guidance grooves in forefoot 
• Double Fan-shaped Mizuno Wave is designed to provide elegance and added support on all your runs 
• U4icX heel wedge provides a more cushioned and comfortable underfoot experience 
•U4icX strobel lasting board for more comfortable and cushioned footbed 





  • wave mujin 4 Black / Formula One / Flash J1GJ177059
    Black / Formula One / Flash
    Item Code: J1GJ177059


  • wave mujin 4 Mulberry Purple / Azalea / Graystone J1GK177062
    Mulberry Purple / Azalea / Graystone
    Item Code: J1GK177062