Mizuno Wave Technology

By placing a plate inside the sole, we achieved the previously difficult duality of cushioning and stability. The Mizuno Wave base plate absorbs and dissipates impact forces, providing excellent cushioning.  




Rooted in Technology

We focus on the athletes who want to push themselves further, the runners who want to race faster and the players who never give up. We are driven by a passion for sport and dedicated to bringing the highest level of equipment to everyone who shares our enthusiasm. Our devotion to improving our technology drives us to craft dreams into a reality. We will keep pushing the boundaries of engineering because we want to help you push the boundaries of sport. Like the athletes we proudly support, we are always looking to improve on our best.



  • Parallel Wave
    Wave technology which uniformly disperses shock throughout the sole, providing excellent cushioning and enhanced stability.
  • Infinity Wave
    Wave technology with a more visible and effective construction. Two parallel plates that sit together with soft cushioning pillars in-between to provide unrivalled cushioning and improved durability by absorbing and dispersing the impact at foot strike.
  • Fan-shaped Wave
    Wave technology which features various Wave heights, delivering excellent cushioning and stability.
  • Double Fan-shape Wave
    Wave technology that gives the highest levels of support combined with excellent cushioning.
  • Mizuno Wave
    Unique technology that provides both cushioning and stability and can be engineered for all types of runners.
  • Infinity Wave
    The fully mechanical Infinity Wave allows for a running experience, which provides maximum cushioning that lasts much longer than a foam-based footwear.
  • U4ic
    A unique midsole compound that rides and cushions like Mizuno’s AP+ midsole, but is approximately 30% lighter without any loss of comfort or performance.
  • U4icX
    Light evolutionary midsole delivers a more comfortable cushioned ride with higher rebound, thus fulfilling the most comfortable energized ride.
  • SmoothRide
    Engineering approach to minimise the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible.
  • DynamotionFit
    Using the latest motion capture and biomechanics technology, Mizuno's blueprint was designed to engineer shoes that work with the foot's gait cycle.
  • X10
    The most durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and supplements traction at heel strike.
  • Mizuno Intercool
    Full-length midsole ventilation system reduces heat and humidity build-up inside the footwear.
  • AIRmesh
    Provides the utmost in breathability and comfort of the upper.
  • Premium Insock
    High-grade removable insock for premium comfort, cushioning and durability.
  • Removable Insock
    Anatomically molded insock for comfort and cushioning.
  • SR Touch
    A new advanced cushioning material that is lighter, absorbs shock and with its fast rebound properties, keeps the transition smooth and fast.
  • AP+
    Amazing ride from Mizuno’ s midsole compound. cushioning and comfort levels that just go on feeling new due to a huge improvement in durability.
  • G3 Sole
    A performance outsole component that enhances traction where needed most.
  • VS-1
    VS-1 technology is a highly shock-absorbing cushioning compound.
  • XtaRide
    XtaRide is Mizuno’s technical trail concept, which encompasses Xtatic lugs and Xtatic groove to help adapt and work in perfect harmony.
  • Sensor Point
    Outsole rubber that bonded wtih Mizuno's Wave plate through midsole for lightness, grip, and stability.
  • D-Flex Groove
    A diagonal groove in the midfoot area to enable turns at maximum speed and power by effectively transferring natural shift in direction.
  • R-Fiber Control
    Fiber used within the upper to reduce excess stretching and to securely hold the foot during acceleration and turn.
  • BioLock
    The BioLock technology allows heel impact absorption and enhances performance by eliminating heel slippage to reduce wasted motion.
  • XG Rubber
    High performance rubber providing strong grip and high durability.
    A unique lining technology for durability, the KURA LINER is a stretchable synthetic leather for higher durability against hard plastic ankle brace.
  • Dura Shield
    Unique toe structure covered with TPU parts for additional durability.
  • Dynamotion Groove
    An innovative constructed outsole using specifically designed flex grooves to improve stability and on court agility.
  • Pownce
    An exceedingly lightweight midsole material with excellent comfort and resilience properties.
  • Pebax Rnew
    A new thermoplastic elastomer range made from renewable resources, castor oil, and contributes to global warming reduction.
  • EL8
    A lightweight midsole compound providing high level cushioning and rebound for energy efficient runs.
  • Michelin Tech Soles
    Michelin outsole delivers unprecedented traction and grip across all surfaces.
  • Zeroglide
    Mizuno's insole technology for its football category to ensure maximum traction.
  • Mizuno Synchro
    The Mizuno Synchro series offer a 3D shaped dual density midsole to ensure an adaptive feel, and combines with U4icX, our most cushioned midsole ever, to provide an outstanding feel and ride without compromise.